dr. Thomas Taha

dr. Thomas Taha

Lezing en Workshop: vrijdag 12 mei & 13 mei

Thomas Taha



Thomas Taha will focus the art of the posterior dentition in restorative dentistry. During this lecture there will be first a focus on photography, treatment planning, magnification and isolation. Photography is as important as the drill to every esthetic dentist. Photography is mandatory for self-evaluation, self-improvement and, nevertheless, essential for patiënt communication. Not only loupes, but also the microscope is a very useful tool to recreate anatomy in the posterior region. Despite its long existence, rubberdam is still rarely used in the restorative field. Although the use seems logical for achieving moisture control, light reflection, traction of lips and protection of the gums. Simple tools will be given to get you started and advanced techniques will be shown for the isolation masters. The essential basics for simplifying the restoration of the posteriors is knowledge of the morphology and the acknowledgement of the different properties of each matrix system. When mastering these two basics with a number of thoroughly thought out guidelines, every restorations becomes a real recreated natural beauty! 


A must for every dentist that does posterior restorations.  


Awesome Esthetics 2020


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